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There are lots of general tips for the home from layout to home decorations.
Some problems may not be rectifiable, and some can be easily remedied. H

General guidelines for outside of houses

Avoid purchasing houses at the end of a T- junction

This is one that most people understand and know about. Negatives energies come from direct oncoming traffic, if living there you always get a sense that traffic has just narrowly missed you and causing anxiety subconsciously. Some Feng Shui practitioners may suggest placing a round mirror on the front of your house to deflect the negative energies, however this will not eliminate the problem entirely. Best avoid these places altogether.

Waterfront properties and Swimming Pools

Water is a very powerful tool in Feng Shui and serious consideration needs to be made regarding water flows and the placement of swimming pools. In Feng Shui water is best at the front of the property and not the back. Waterfront properties are therefore the best and even better if the water is flowing towards the direction of the property.

Water at the back of the house acts like a sink hole so the positive energies that have come into your house has sunk into them. Therefore avoid properties with creek and streams flowing across the back of the house. Avoid having swimming pools at the back of the house, they are better placed at the front.

Front and back doors should not align

The front door of the house should not align with the back door otherwise all the positive energies that come into the house does not get to settle in, instead just goes straight out the back door.

Staircase should not align with the front door

Once you open the front door, and if the staircase is directly in front then you will need to change the staircase, otherwise it is a stairway to heaven. Lots of Chinese have inspected properties and once they open the front door and see such a thing they don’t bother going in to see the rest of the house.

Front door should be solid

The front door should be solid without any glass as that would “weaken” the door and therefore the house. Best if the solid door coloured green, as green is the colour of growth, calming and a potent money symbol.
Also avoid any obstruction around the entrance to your front door. This will include avoid having any trees directly in front of your front door as it obstructs positive energy flows.

General guidelines for inside of homes


Bathrooms are considered a place of dirty water and waste. Traditionally in Chinese homes they were located outside far from the house. These days that is most impractical so the best thing to do is to keep them basic and not glorify them. The toilet lid kept closed at all times when not in use.

Keep your sink, shower and bathtub drains closed all the time. Place a stopper in your tub, wash basin or shower when not in use. Energy is lost when these drains stay open.


These need to be tranquil rooms to ensure a proper night sleep. Therefore you also need to note the following:

These should be positioned so that the top of the bed is against a wall for a “solid foundation”. The bottom of the bed should also not be directly pointing at the bedroom door as this is known as the “coffin position”. Traditionally when the dead are brought out it has always been feet first out the door.

These should not be in the bedroom as they create too much energy to sleep properly. The mirror also reflects back all the issues in your life such as depression, loneliness or relationship problems. If you are single, you are less able to attract a partner, if a couple it is likely to cause arguments. You should also not be ale to see your reflection in a mirror when in bed. Remove mirrors or cover them completely at night. Definitely do not order mirror in built wardrobes.

Water in your bedroom can create financial loss or relationship problems. Therefore do not keep any water fountains, aquariums, or even water pictures.

Also avoid flowers in the bedroom. As beautiful as they are, plants emit yang energy (lively) that can disturb yin (tranquility) needed for a good-night sleep.

Avoid photos of family and friends in your bedroom as it is a very private place. Looking at these pictures doesn’t let your mind relax, and distracts from your partner. Religious pictures should also be avoided, or if you must have them, then place them so they are not directly “looking” at your bed.

Living Room

Arrange your furniture to allow qi to flow freely and easily. The seating furniture should be placed with its back to the wall and with a clear view of the main door.

Feng Shui is all creating good vibes, so images which portray life, abundance, health, happiness, and luck. Avoid negative images of death, war, natural disaster, aggressive or sneaky animals, or the gothic. Therefore avoid skulls, Grim Reapers, and the voodoo.
Also avoid using decorative items from different cultures without knowing their exact meaning, use and proper placement.

Never use any dead as a decoration like animals, insects, antlers and even dried flowers. All these are very bad Feng Shui and they bring lifeless, dead energy into your home and signifies decay and stop of life.

Keeping aquariums are good, as are pictures of swimming fish like Koi. If keeping goldfish it is best to keep eight fish, one of them black. If one dies don’t panic, just replace it with another.

With the simple rules are to avoid thorns and choose plants with round leaves.
Do not keep cactus or even display roses as they both have thorns and hence give out negative energy.

Bonsais are wonderful to look at and have a lovely oriental feel, but they are actually very bad Feng Shui. The reason being is that the whole purpose and beauty of a bonsai is that it is miniature and its growth constrained to keep it that way. If you have them you will also have your growth constrained and find it hard to prosper, so if you have them get rid of them.



A much better choice will be to have the jade plant (Crassula Ovata), also known as the money tree. These plants can be grown indoor and out and you’ll often see them at the entrance to a Chinese restaurant or establishment. You can keep them at the entrance to your home or office.